Commercial & Industrial
Video Surveillance and Auditing
silent guardian and truthful evidence
A video surveillance system would act as security not just at factories or official establishments but also at residential societies. We have specialized skills in the installation of video surveillance systems, complete with networking solutions.

At safe solutions, we are always striving to go beyond the industry parameters by providing holistic and integrated solutions with regard to evidence recording and activity tracking with the added benefit of wireless connectivity between systems installed at multiple locations. Video Surveillance would thus act as a virtual security guard or an eye in the sky ensuring efficiency of operations.

Command and Control Services
your security is our priority

Popularly known as CMS (Central Monitoring System), it is an alarm system built for intrusions and break-ins. It enables monitoring of the overall security status of your establishment from a single location and is designed to facilitate rapid response to any kind event that might trigger alarm systems.

We have provided comprehensive solutions to our clients at various establishments, including banks, warehouses, retail stores and jewellery shops.

Time Attendance systems and record analysis
promote punctuality, enhance effciency
Institutions, offices, and hotels all have attendance requirements that demand time stamps. The technologies equivalent of the good old register, this device cannot be tampered with and identifies each scan at a speed of less than a second.

To enhance the value of this offering, we also have provisions for record management. We can assist you in data extraction and analysis so your business can thrive without such concerns.

keep track of what matters, trace what is missing

Tracking devices have been developed to fulfill the needs of inventory management or even to trace personal valuables.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses Radio waves to track and identify various objects. It is a form of wireless communication that is used in barcoding. A RFID system will help you identify and track your belongings or your inventory so you don’t have to do so manually.

DISASTER ALERT SYSTEMS (Public Alert Systems/ Fire Systems)
a stitch in time saves nine

Disaster alert system is an electronic distribution system that notifies people of an impending emergency.

It could include various components in itself.

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a must for any kind of establishment, whether housing or official. A fire alarm system can prevent casualties resulting from accidents by detecting smoke, fire or heat.

Perimeter Control System

If you feel the need to protect your business from trespassers or demarcate areas of your establishment then we are the answer to your requirement. We provide technologically advanced security solutions to protect your business or home from unwanted footfall.

let the door be the doorman

Automatic gates are electrically powered gates or doors that can be opened or closed via electrical systems. Usually, automated doors and gates work with key cards or keypads. They are equipped with security measures to ensure safety.

you command, the system delivers
An IoT security system or Internet of Things facilitates communication of devices or physical objects over the internet. Usually used to work doors, gates, alert systems to do a predetermined set of tasks assigned to a device such as a mobile phone, it provides the benefit of controlling numerous equipment over the internet, remotely.

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