CCTV Auditing & Reviewing with COM-SUR
CCTV Auditing & Reviewing with COM-SUR
the World’s Only CCTV Video Footage Reviewing & Monitoring, Smart Backup, and Intelligent Reporting Tool

Some Basic Challenges of CCTV Video Surveillance Considering the Spate of both Serious and Non-Serious Crime that one comes across on a Daily basis, it can be Assumed that the Rate of Crime/Process Violation, etc. World over is Not Going Down in Proportion to the Increase in the Number of CCTV Cameras. The Concern lies in the Fact that Despite Great Strides in the Quality of the Cameras/VMS/Video Analytics, and Large Funds being Invested in Artificial Intelligence, there are Plenty of Basic Pain Points that are Still being Completely Overlooked to Achieve Valuable Outcomes from CCTV. The Question one faces is whether Budgets need to be increased, or is More Research needed as to ‘What’ can be done to achieve these Outcomes? In order to understand the ‘What’ can be Done, one needs to Study some of the Issues being Currently Faced by the CCTV Video Surveillance Industry. These can be summarized as:

  • CCTV today is ‘Fit and Forget’
  • CCTV Video is Never ‘Reviewed’ as a SOP
  • There is a Tendency to Centralize Video Surveillance through Command Centers, Forgetting that the Best Situational Awareness would be Available at the Decentralized Location
  • False Alarms, Video Blindness, Poor Situational Awareness
  • No Easy Way to Search through Hours of CCTV Video involving Multiple Cameras
  • No Standardized Reporting System
  • Diverse, Expensive, and Complex software (Restrictive as well)
  • No Cost-Effective Remote Backup of Video Footage and Easy Retrieval thereof (Disaster Recovery)
  • No Ease of Sharing of CCTV Video Data

Our Reviewing Tool is the missing piece of CCTV surveillance which does the hard work for you. By adding it to your existing CCTV systems, AMC will have far greater prospects of:

  • Achieving crime, fraud, and loss prevention
  • Solving crime faster
  • Improving processes, compliance, safety
  • Improving employee performance
  • Gaining situational awareness, actionable intelligence
  • Reducing data size and remote storage
  • Standardizing multiple activities related to CCTV/Surveillance
  • Improvement of operational efficiency

We solve so many of your pain points,

  • We make it easy for you to ‘see’ what the cameras ‘saw’
  • We make it easy for you to report and share with ease
  • We help you create data redundancy with huge storage savings
  • We make it easy for you gain business intelligence from standardized reports
  • We help you take corrective and preventive action based on hard data

How does our tool work?

  • install our tool on a Server
  • get live video feed from multiple cameras on the pc from any camera/dvr/nvr/vms in seprate windows
  • get tool to take screenshots at every one second
  • get tool to save screenshots at your remote locations [ optional ]
  • Reviewing hours of video footage from multiple cameras in minutes
  • let Safe Solutions help you discover the ‘unknown’

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